Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hanging In

Hey guys!  I know it's been a long long time.  Just haven't felt up to much blogging lately.  But, I refuse to give up on what I've started. 

Not much has changed as far as medications go.  I'm hanging in there.There's not much of a choice, and someone's gotta do it.  So why not me.:)  

There's been lots of fun things going on. Dodgeball, birthdays and picnics just to name a few.  Well, I gotta get back to beating this thing they call RA.  I'll be a better blogger.  Promise:)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mommy's Girls

To close out the month of March we celebrated my little ladies birthday.  My oldest turned 10 and the youngest turned 7.  I am one blessed Momma!  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh my!! Didn't realize it has been that long since last post. I've been having alot of things going on lately. Unfortunately, it wasn't too many great things. Lots of flare-ups in my hands, kids w/ the stomach bug, and ER /doctors visits:(

This past few weeks has been really hard. My plans two Sundays ago were to attend church. But, things just didn't go that way. My flares had gotten so bad my husband took me to the ER before church started. To top it off our church had a Soul Food dinner and Black History program that.. bummer:( While at the ER, my wait wasn't that bad...thankfully! I was given Dilaudid and Toredal. Which made things soooo much better. Only I was nauseated, because I had nothing to eat being that I had gotten there before 7 am. Other than that I was on my way to being pain-free....at least for that moment.

Went back to my Rheumy hadn't seen him in a few months. Although I was given a prescription on my last visit of Humira. So that lasted me a good while. However this time he refused to right a script of any sort because he wanted to me all flared-up(that makes no sense). So he wants me to all take Aleve. Which it causes stomach pains and I figured he knew that from all my visits. But he asks the same questions since my first visit like he has never changed or updated any of our convos.

Enough of that! To day is a great day! 11 years ago I married my wonderful Husband!!!! You're the best RJB3:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is in the Air

As we all know, Valentines Day was yesterday. So instead the Hubby and I celebrated on Saturday. Our weekend was so romantic, I wanted to be pinched to make sure it wasn't a dream. We attended a Valentine's Day Soiree(formal) and had a wonderful dinner to follow.

I've seen so many marriages fail because the spouse couldn't handle the frustration, or the extra responsibility of helping their mate. Not only do they have to deal with the physical part of it all, but also the emotional part. Having no clue how one's day may be from one day to the next. Not knowing how good of a mood they may be in. Whether their depressed about their situation, or just angry at the world(which sometimes still means depressed). It WILL take a toll on a marriage if you allow it to. And if those vows you express in front of God and your loved ones meant nothing at all.

It seems that once I was diagnosed, my husband and I grew closer and stronger. As if the both of us were saying, "We'll beat this thing together." I admire my husband so much. He didn't say, "I do" knowing that something like this would happen. He pulled up his boot straps, and did what any loving husband would do. So today, I salute those spouses who love one another unconditionally, despite the circumstances.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Does Sick Look Like

If I had a penny for the amount of times I've heard, "But you don't look sick." I would probably be featured in Forbes magazine...lol! I'm such a people person, but how much how should you share with someone in a matter of 5 minutes?

So tell me... what does the natural eye look for in a person being "sick?" Should a sick person have missing limbs, hair loss, underweight, over weight, yellow eyes, red eyes, moon faces(my Prednisone peeps know what I'm talking about). Am I suppose to walk around looking sad? Should I not like 4 inch heels(BCBG to be exact..ha!), but love orthopedic shoes? Should I want to be pushed around in a wheelchair? Don't get me wrong, a number of those symptoms does exist in those who may be sick. However,what about those who don't have the signs of "sickness." You know... the invisible diseases.

Now, I'm the type who hates pity! And it took me sometime before I started to share what I was dealing with on a day-to-day basis. It took a while, before I noticed that my not wanting pity, was actually pride. Wow... I still can't believe that I am at a place in my life, where I'm sharing this for millions to read.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

So today I had my very on little worship service all alone, and it was AWESOME! I thank God that I have a "new" faith. Not saying my faith had decreased, but you know how doubt can sometimes creep in. But, I thank him so much for showing me who he is! And the POWER he has. There really is no one like Him. He has the power to do so much. If only we be obedient and just say, yes!

Now we all are human, and doubt can show it's ugly little face here-and-there. However we as believers should recognize it and rebuke it. Reminding ourselves of the God the that we serve, and the power he has.

When I'm hurting in my body, I will still say Lord you are my HEALER! When doctors give me an estimated time on my mobility. I choose to still say, "He is my Healer!" After all, they said that over 2 years ago. So now with me being out of meds and no way to afford them or even get assistance for them. I'm in a new place where, I believe God is testing my faith.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Oh my! Didn't realize it had been so long since I've blogged. With all the swelling and pain in these joints, life is still grand! I've just been thankful to be able to feel such of a thing. Never thought I 'd be happy to say that.

It is reported that we've received over 18 inches of snow. The kids are loving this! Snow Angels to be made all day....so they thought. Ha!

Went to bed last night with a low grade fever. Unfortunately that comes along with this thing called RA. Having dealt with this since 2005, it's nothing you could ever get used to. Some would think you could, but those are the ones who thinks a headache is EXCRUCIATING...not! I think I much rather have a headache everyday, than having joint pain all over my body.

Many of you may want to know what is my Rheumy doing for me. The answer is absolutely nothing! My Rheumy who gave me diagnosis relocated about a year ago. Since then I started this new guy. Who is so not worth my agony and time. No compassion, no concern and thinks because he has the degree he knows whats going on in my body. Just because you have a piece of paper doesn't mean you know exactly whats going on. Not only that, all bodies are "wired" differently. I mean really... how can you tell someone how they feel?

My plan is to update this a little more often. Just been a bit inflamed....if you know what I mean. ~Through it all RA won't Win~